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Why Mentors Win

Why It Matters.
What Is
How Mentors Win

Mentor-Mentee Profiles

Find the perfect match for Teachers and Students by viewing their profiles.

Browse Mentors

By searching by skillset keywords.

Browse Mentees

Browse Projects with matching skillset keyword requirements.

Connected Mentor-Mentees

Plan,implement,and manage project for future reference or to share.

Subscription-Membership Plans

Subscribing Mentor-Members Have Benefits! Each subscribing member is also an affiliate earning recurring commissions from each new member they refer to Members also receive course discounts based on their subscription level.

Student-Mentor-Affiliate Plans

Mentors University pays it’s students!

  • Each student earns 100% of the 1st month membership of each new student they refer to
  • Affiliate-Students also receive recurring commissions from each subscription payment of their referred subscriber.
  • Students can also become instructors who receive 100% of the purchased course fee.

Create Unlimited Number of Action Views

All users may create their own action views.

Import Participants

Import the contact list of the Address books of most email service providers.

Join Worthy Action Projects

In response to the action projects, the Agrees, Disagrees and Comments of Collegues and Network members appear in the newsfeed prompting new particpants to join the project.

Messaging Dedicated To An Action View

Each Action View has a dedicated messaging keeping the communication focused on the subject.

Project Management In Local View Forums

Project milestons, deliverables, and deadlines can be outlined in the selected action project.

Schedule Local View Events In Calendar

Calendar events are filtered according to the selected action view or project.

Create And Manage An Action Project

As users create Action views they can also create projects exlusive to the action view.

Why Mentor?

 Because anything less is wrong!
Builds mountains of goodwill.
 Synergizes your business and life.
 Mentors not only see the future, they create it.
 Accelerate your growth.
Better than achieving your own goals, is helping someone achieve theirs.
And so much more..

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